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Missionary Training Program

Crossing boundaries through online missions training.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. An essay articulating their missionary calling.
  3. A completed pastoral reference
  4. Admission interview
  5. Technology Fee: $150

About MTSO Curriculum

MTSO Curriculum is designed to equip (a) those who have a calling to serve as missionaries in a cross-cultural environment and are preparing to be deployed as a missionary, or (b) those who are actively serving as missionaries. It is designed with the realities missionaries face in the mission field in mind. There are three stages in the equipping process: Pre-Deployment equipping, the In-Field Training, and Missionary Mentoring (2M) Program. Trainees will be required to take modules in each of these stages.
Pre-Deployment This stage is intended for those who completed and passed the admission process and are preparing to be deployed to the mission field. The required modules in this stage are as follow:

Biblical Basis of Missions: This module will concentrate on grounding students in biblical basis to make disciples of all nations. Biblical models of missionary work will also be discussed.

Historical Basis of Missions: This module will discuss the history of modern missions. An emphasis will be given to studying the life and key contributions of fathers of modern missions with the main purpose of learning from both their successes and failures.

Cultural Dimensions of Missions: This module will focus on understanding culture and how it impacts the work of the missionary.

The Life of a Missionary: The module will lead the trainee to understand varied stages of missionary life and best prepare themselves to thrive through the varied challenges they will face as he/she goes through each of these stages.

Strategic Planning for Missions: This module will aim at training students how to strategically plan their mission work.

Resource Development: This module is designed to train missionaries in the dynamics of resource development to support mission work and produce sustainable ministry endeavors in the mission field. Resources include finances, manpower, etc.

Leadership Formation and Development: This module will discuss the making of a leader; beginning with a leadership’s a call and the ongoing lifetime preparation of a leader. Emphasis will be given on the role of varied tests in shaping the leader.

Hermeneutics: This module will teach students the principles of Bible interpretation.

Communicating the Word: This module will teach students the basic principles of writing and preaching God’s word.

Spiritual Warfare: This module will focus on discussing the reality of spiritual warfare and therefore the need to comprehend biblical principles in fighting against the work of preternatural evil forces. The module will help develop disciplines and skills that will allow the missionary to step into the victory that God already procured for him in Christ Jesus

1 Elective (See list of electives below for reference)

Ministering to Hindus: This module seeks to train the student how to effectively reach out and disciple those who adhere to Hinduism.

Ministering to Buddhists: This module focuses on obtaining basic knowledge and skills to effectively reach out to individuals and communities adhering to the Buddhist faith

Ministering to Muslims: This module seeks to train the student how to effectively reach out and disciple those who adhere to the Muslim faith.

Ministering to Victims of Human Trafficking: This module helps students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to reach out and effectively disciple those who are victims of human trafficking.

Transfer Credits: Go Equip realizes that some of its applicants may have already completed similar courses from another educational institution or training program. Admitted trainees are encouraged to submit a copy of their transcript of records for evaluation. Students need not take classes they already studied and successfully completed. Go Equip’s designated officer will determine transferability of credits of an applicant.
In-Field Training: This stage of the missionary training is intended for those who have already been deployed as missionaries in their respective mission fields. The courses are intended to help the missionary continue to gain knowledge and develop skills to deal with varied challenges in the mission field. The modules in this stage are as follow:

Missionary Self-Leadership: This course will teach students the importance of self-leadership and help develop in students the attitudes and habits necessary for them to be able to lead themselves well towards successful missions work.

Communicating Cross-culturally: This is a module that will help students learn concepts that will help them better communicate cross-culturally. Emphasis is given in developing the skill to identify bridges for the gospel in a given culture.

Organic Outreach: This module will help students learn the principles and practice of organic outreach or leveraging relationships to advance the gospel.

Administering Missions The module is designed to familiarize trainees with the various elements of leadership and administrative process within the context of the missionary work. It will include discussion of processes such as mission and vision casting, goal setting, organization, delegation, human relations, group dynamics, supervision and the training of local leaders towards becoming efficient co-workers in the mission field.

Financial Stewardship and Management: This module discusses principles of sound financial management and stewardship. It will include topics like biblical principles of financial stewardship, budgeting, and basic accounting/bookkeeping.

Teaching Principles and Methods: This module will focus on the study of underlying principles of teaching that guide in the selection of varied creative teaching methods that missionaries may employ in their teaching ministry.

Cross-cultural Church Planting: This module will focus on principles and dynamics involved in planting a church in a cross-cultural setting. The module is intended to guide the missionary in the process of planting a church in their mission field.

Managing Conflict: This module will help the missionary understand basic concepts in managing conflicts and increase his or her capacity for peacemaking and managing conflicts in a manner that glorifies God.

Stress Management: This module will guide the trainee how to develop attitudes and healthy habits that will lead to a balance life and effective management of stress.

Curriculum Development: This module will present a practical approach to curriculum design that is cultural-sensitive, contextually informed and utilizes available resources in the mission field.
This is a special safe space created for missionaries to receive mentoring from compassionate and highly qualified individuals who are mission practitioners but are also rooting for the missionary’s success and total well being. The module will provide varied discussion boards where missionaries can share their challenges and receive help from both fellow missionaries and the mentors. Upon request and setting of appointment a one-on-one zoom session may also be arranged by GO Equip staff with a missionary who has an urgent need to discuss sensitive pressing issues or challenges he or she is experiencing. The goal of such online meeting is for the missionary to receive ministry and when appropriate coaching how to best navigate a problem he/she is experiencing.

Discussion Boards:

Family matters

All the Feels

Ministry Matters

Money Matters


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    Personal Information


    Ministry Experience

    Skills & Giftings


    This essay should outline the applicant's salvation story and key events in life that contributed to their growth as a believer. The essay should be no more than 800 words.

    Pastoral Reference

      • Step - 1
      • Step - 2
      • Step - 3

      Applicant Information

      Recommenders Information

      Overall Recommendations

      Involvement with Church

      Financial Responsibility

      Submission to authority

      Personal Character & Emotional Stability


      Ability to cope with stress


      Concern for others

      Ability to accept criticism

      Christian Life/Spiritual Disciplines





      Do you believe the applicant is a committed Christian?

      If the answer yes, explain why?

      Does the applicant have healthy relationships with people he/she interacts with?

      If the answer yes, explain why?

      Do you believe the applicant (along with his wife (if married) has a missionary calling?

      If the answer yes, explain why?

      Additional Comments about the Applicant

      Based on how you know the applicant, is there any additional words of commendation or comments you want to say about him/her? If so, please provide your answer below.

      If other than Honorable, explain: