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Our Story

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“Reaching the Nations through online missions training.”

Dr. Elsie Cook, Co-Founder

About Us

As a ministry, Go Equip has been in the founder’s heart since 2010. Influenced by the training and experience she obtained as a missionary and former Director of the Asian Center for Missions (ACM), a missions organization based in her country of birth, the Philippines. ACM was instrumental in opening her eyes to the need for missionary training and on going mentoring of those who faithfully labor among the nations. Although under God’s leading, she transitioned out of ACM in 2009 to enter a season of rest, her passion to train missionaries never left her.

Her decision to obey God in 2009 to take a yearlong sabbatical ushered her into marriage and to move to the United States. A year into her marriage and towards the end of her yearlong sabbatical, God reminded her of His promised “off springs among the nations.” God told her that the call on her life had not changed. In the new land where He has brought her, she will continue to reproduce herself and be instrumental in encouraging the body of Christ to take an active involvement in world missions. While in prayer for more direction on this, God spoke to her through her husband who told her: “You really should start a missionary training program because that is where God has equipped you.” This was the clincher for her and the word that marked the beginning of the desire to set up a ministry that aims at equipping missionaries. In 2010 she attempted to launch a missionary training school online. This initial effort was discontinued, as she felt redirected to serve at a Bible College based in Oakland California, which she faithfully did for 7 years. Towards the end of 2017, she transitioned out of the Bible College and started the journey of setting up the non-profit that is now Go Equip.

Our Vision

Missionaries who are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually equipped to do God’s work.


Our Mission

Go equip exists to train and mentor individuals who are called to missionary work or are doing missionary work.